Monday, March 14, 2011

Silver Wings Over Washington - Mission Statement

2012 Silver Wings Over Washington
Ron David, President; Adm. Whitey Feightner, USN (Ret.), Vice President; Joan Stalk, Treasurer; Ray Kester, CW04 USN (Ret.), Secretary
Board of Governors: Col. Randy Brandt, USAF (Ret.); Col. E.P.Deatrick USAF (Ret.); Steve Craven; Debbie Gallaway; Pete King; Capt. Zip Rausa, USN (Ret.); Col. Charles Stallworth USAF (Ret.)

Our mission is to provide an educational foundation that inspires, advocates, and fosters a venue for learning through aviation, especially for the younger generation; a forum for networking among members, colleagues and friends with outstanding speakers and camaraderie across the board. "What's Past is Prologue"

The Silver Wings Fraternity is comprised of a wonderful group of remarkable individuals who have pioneered, excelled and contributed to the world of aviation. We encourage members to bring friends, guests, and introduce young people to the noteworthy exploits and achievements of our distinguished members and speakers. In the past we have hosted prominent speakers who presented contemporary and historical topics relating to aviation, space, and a variety of military accomplishments. 

Your blog editor is Ron David and your online producer is R.N. Jurgenson

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