Thursday, May 24, 2012

2012 Siver Wings Speakers Luncheon Serie: Dr. Linton Wells II, May 24, 2012

Silver Wings Over Washington

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We are delighted to announce Dr. Linton Wells II will be our distinguished speaker at our May Speakers Luncheon.

  Dr. Linton Wells II, PhD
           Director, Center for Technology & National Security Policy
at National Defense University
Thursday, May 24, 2012

While introducing Lin Wells during his most recent appearance on Vago Muradian’s “Defense News" TV Show, the host described Linton as one of the sharpest minds at the National Defense University. Those who know Lin or have worked with him, would agree.

At our May meeting, we will be privileged to have Dr. Wells address our Silver Wings luncheon to discuss emerging defense challenges, national security structure, current issues and strategic trends shaping the future for America.

Lin will also talk about the upcoming annual gathering  at the International Forest of Friendship in Atchison, Kansas, “an oasis of aviator remembrance” which was co-founded by his mother, pioneer aviatrix, news correspondent  and world traveler Fay Gillis Wells, a member of Silver Wings for many years.

Dr. Linton Wells II is a Distinguished Research Professor who currently serves as the Transformation Chair at the National Defense University.

Prior to coming to NDU he served in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) from 1991 to 2007, serving last as the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Networks and Information Integration).

In addition, he has served as the Acting Assistant Secretary and DoD Chief Information Officer. His other OSD positions included Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence-C3I) and Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Policy Support) in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Policy).

In twenty-six years of naval service, Dr. Wells served in a variety of surface ships, including command of a destroyer squadron and a guided missile destroyer. In addition, he acquired a wide range of experience in operations analysis; Pacific, Indian Ocean and Middle East affairs; and C3I.

Recently he has been focusing on STAR-TIDES, a research project focusing on affordable, sustainable support to stressed populations and public-private interoperability. Dr. Wells was born in Luanda, Angola, in 1946. He was graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1967 and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and oceanography. He attended graduate school at The Johns Hopkins University, receiving a Master of Science in Engineering degree in mathematical sciences, and a PhD in international relations. 

He is also a 1983 graduate of the Japanese National Institute for Defense Studies in Tokyo, the first U.S. naval officer to attend there. Dr. Wells has written widely on security studies in English and Japanese journals. He co-authored Japanese Cruisers of the Pacific War, which was published in 1997 and co-edited Crosscutting Issues in International Transformation, published in 2009.

His hobbies include naval history, the relationship between policy and technology, and scuba diving. He has thrice been awarded the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service.

In 2009 Lin Wells was listed among CNN Money's "16 Players of Tech" for his involvement in STAR-TIDES. Along with his work at the NDU's Center for Technology and National Security Policy, Dr. Linton Wells -- who has 26 years of Naval service and more than 15 years in the Office of the Secretary of Defense under his belt -- has been focusing on STAR-TIDES, a research endeavor that examines how to provide resources like technological infrastructure in places stricken by disaster, poverty, or war."

Honors and Awards: DoD Medal for Distinguished Public Service (3). Defense Superior Service medal and Legion of Merit.

Academia: National Institute for Defense Studies, Boueikenshushou; The Johns Hopkins University, PhD, International Relations (1971-1975); The Johns Hopkins University, MSE, Mathematical Sciences (1971-1974); United States Naval Academy, BS, Physics & Oceanography (12963-1967).

Principal Interests: Linton is also very involved with the progress and leadership of the International Forest of Friendshipwhose motto is: "World Friendship through Flying". 

The IFoF was co-founded by Linton's mother, Fay Gillis Wells, a charter member (#5) of the Ninety-Nines, a friend of Amelia Earhart, a pioneer aviator and a well known international journalist who covered and broadcast world's historic events with her celebrated American foreign correspondent husband, Linton Wells, who learned to fly in 1915.

On the personal side, Lin has an in depth knowledge of naval history, and enjoys traveling with his delightful spouse Linda.