Thursday, November 19, 2009

Silver Wings Speakers Luncheon: Air Piracy & WASPs, November 14, 2009

We hope you will be able to attend. If you haven't yet done so, your deadline for reservations has been extended by one day to Thursday, November 14th.

The Meeting at the Army-Navy Country Club in Arlington will take place on November 19th at 11AM. Our primary subjects of discussion will include a report on the first alleged act of air piracy, which occurred 70 years ago, a short video about the WASP followed by a Q&A with two former Womens Air Force Service Pilots, and a brief forum on plans for our Fraternity's coming year.

Air Piracy has been a hot topic lately. Carroll Adams, a retired Pan Am pilot, will shed light on what may have been the first, and certainly one of the bloodiest, hijackings in history: the seizure in 1938 of Pan Am's Hawaii Clipper by "renegade" Japanese Naval personnel. The complement of passengers and crew from the Hawaii Clipper were murdered, buried face down and hidden on Guam under a thick layer of cement. Adams is certain he saw the Hawaii Clipper at War's end in Japanese livery.

History of the WASP an exclusive ten minute film about the Women Airforce Service Pilots will be followed by a Q & A with two incredible WASP veterans: Lorraine Rodgers (age 88) and Gayle Reed (Age 90).

We will also hold a brief forum on the coming year for Silver Wings Over Washington.

It is vital that we receive your confirmation for this luncheon by mid-day on the 14th.

Phone or email us at Ron and Nour David (202) 588-9055 or Joan Stalk (703) 451-4181
Luncheon cost is $26

Please mark your calendars. Here are the dates of our first five meetings during 2009: January 22nd, March 25th, May 28th, July 23rd, and September 24th. We will announce the date for our November, 2009 meeting during the luncheon on the 19th.