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Captain William Stewart "Bud" Orr, USN (Ret.) and co-author Fran E. Orr

Silver Wings Over Washington Fraternity

After the successful and well attended event of the March Speakers Luncheon with Capt. "Red" McDaniel, USN (Ret.) as our distinguished  speaker, we have planned a diverse and entertaining address for this upcoming May 23rd event. 

Please join us to welcome our eclectic and entertaining Speakers
Captain William Stewart "Bud" Orr, USN (Ret.)
and his charming and beautiful co-author
Fran E. Orr

Bud Orr was born in Grants Pass, Oregon in 1943.  He attended the University of Oregon where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the School of Journalism in Public Relations and Advertising graduating in 1965. He was commissioned an Ensign in the Navy in August 1965 and began US Navy Flight training in Pensacola Florida. After receiving his wings in February 1967 he flew A-4 Skyhawks in Viet Nam and later transitioned to the A-7E. He had several tours in the A-7E after which he was selected to be the first US Navy pilot to fly the AV-8 Harrier on exchange duty with the USMC. From there he attended the USAF Command and Staff College in Montgomery AL during which time he concurrently earned a Masters Degree in Counseling and Guidance from Troy State University.

AV8A Harrier

Returning to fly the Corsair II, he completed several squadron tours including Squadron Command. He also Commanded the A-7E training squadron where he was selected for Captain and detailed to attend the prestigious National War College in Washington DC. During that tour he was selected to be a Carrier Air Wing Commander in the new “Super CAG” program. During that tour he flew five types of jet aircraft including the F-14 and FA-18 day and night from the carrier as well as three types of helicopters. His last tour in the Navy was in the US Senate as Principal Deputy for Senate Liaison reporting to the Secretary of the Navy.

Upon retirement from the Navy, Captain Orr was selected by President George H.W. Bush to be the Executive Director of the Presidential Commission on Women in Combat.

After completing the Commission Report to the President, he joined the Honorable H. Lawrence Garrett, former Secretary of the Navy, as Vice President in the Rolls-Royce Military Engines government affairs office. During the next 14 years he managed three separate English Aerospace and Defense Washington Government Affairs offices, Lucas Aerospace, Smiths Aerospace and Cobham Aerospace, two of which he started from scratch. Mr. Orr’s last position was President of Omega- Air-Refueling Inc. Omega flies civilian aircraft configured as tankers and provides in-flight-refueling to US Navy/Marine fighters and other allies on Navy contract. He retired from Omega in 2012 and presently he is the President of WSO consultants in Washington DC.

Married to Fran E. Orr for 37 years, they have three children and six grandchildren and reside in Alexandria, VA where they have lived for the past 24 years.
Love at First Flight

About Bud and Fran 

"Bud Orr spent twenty-seven years in the U.S. Navy, flew combat in Vietnam, amassed more than 1,000 carrier landings, and flew numerous aircraft including the AV-8A Harrier, F-14, FA-18, and B-1 Bomber. After retirement he spent more than twenty years managing several Aerospace and Defense Washington Government Affairs offices. His co-author and wife of 37 years, Fran was described by Senator John Warner as the "good Navy wife." Fran was a partner in an exclusive boutique in Virginia Beach and has a successful real estate career. She also is a published author of children's books. Love at First Flight - Adventures, Exploits, Sacrifices, Risks & Rewards is their first book together. Bud and Fran are completing Fran's memoir titled "Dusty Memories," the story of Fran's pilgrimage as a child of the "dust bowl" born into poverty and deprivation." 

About Love at First Flight

Here is a review on "This book is the memoir  by two outstanding Americans: a courageous naval pilot, Bud Orr, whose career spanned twenty-seven years, and his loving wife, Fran. This volume is an honest, beautifully crafted story of Bud and Fran's inspiring relationship, a testament to their deep love and service to their country. It is a page-turning account of a sterling military career, complete with adrenaline-filled descriptions of a daring pilot flying many dangerous missions in advanced warplanes. Love at First Flight is a powerful reminder about the real sacrifices that men and women in the Armed Services must make to preserve a relationship, and the incredible rewards that come with that sacrifice. Like a catapult launch off an aircraft carrier, Bud and Fran's story will propel readers through recent history—from the Vietnam War to current day America." A tender, moving, and inspiring volume, Love at First Flight  will be available for purchase at our luncheon.


About Silver Wings Over Washington Fraternity
The Silver Wings Over Washington Fraternity is comprised of a wonderful group of remarkable individuals who have pioneered, excelled and contributed to the world of aviation. We encourage members to bring friends, guests, and introduce young people to the noteworthy exploits and achievements of our distinguished members and speakers. In the past we have hosted prominent speakers who presented both contemporary and historical topics relating to aviation, space, and a variety of military accomplishments. For a list of previous speakers addressing our Speakers Luncheon series, visit our web blog

Agenda for Thursday, May 23rd, 2013
     2013 Silver Wings Speakers Luncheon Serie

              East Gate: 1700 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, VA 22202
              West Gate: 2400 South 18th Street, Arlington, VA 22204

              Parking: Complimentary Parking

Area:     Arlington Fort Richardson Room 

Cost:     $33.00, paid at the entrance  

Date:    THURSDAY, MAY 23rd, 2013

1100:    Doors Open, Networking Time
1150:    Pledge of Allegiance
1155:    Blessings

1200:    Dining served: a refreshing first course, followed by a gourmet entree,  and
              complemented by a delicious dessert   
1250:    Introduction of our speakers
1300:    Speakers: Capt. William Stewart "Bud" Orr, USN (Ret.)and Co-author: Fran E. Orr
1345:    Q and A
1400:    Conclusion of Speakers Luncheon

Please note we need a firm count by May 20Monday Noonfor the ANCC.  Walk ins are welcome; however, the Army Navy Country Club charges an additional $4 per person.

We are looking forward to your joining us and welcome our speakers,

Ron David
President, Silver Wings
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