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Silver Wings Over Washington
Ron David, President; RADM. Whitey Feightner, USN (Ret.), Vice President; Joan Stalk, Treasurer; Ray Kester, CW04 USN (Ret.), Secretary
Board: MG Joe Anderson, USMC (Ret.); Col. Randy Brandt, USAF (Ret.); Col. E.P. Deatrick USAF (Ret.); Steve Craven; Debbie Gallaway; Pete King; Capt. Bud Orr, USN (Ret.); Capt. Zip Rausa, USN (Ret.); Col. Charles Stallworth USAF (Ret.)
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Our mission is to provide an educational foundation that inspires, advocates, and fosters a venue for learning through aviation for the younger generation; a forum for networking among members and colleagues with outstanding speakers and camaraderie across the board. "What's Past is Prologue"
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The November 2014 Silver Wings Speakers Events Serie
is scheduled for THURSDAY, November 20, 2014

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Our distinguished and dynamic speaker

Col. Adelbert "Buz" Carpenter, USAF (Ret.)
Former SR-71 Instructor Pilot
Udvar-Hazy Center, National Air & Space Museum, Washington DC
will address our members and guests
"The True Facts of the SR-71"

The Last Hot Flight

This remarkable SR-71 
airbrushed image 
created by Dru Blair
is a powerful tribute 
to the Blackbird

Col. "Butz" Carpenter, USAF (Ret.)

Col. "Buz" Carpenter is hailing from Oakland, California; Buz graduated from the USAF Academy in June 1967 and then completed pilot training at Williams AFB, Arizona.
  • C-141 worldwide airlift as an Aircraft Commander - 1350 hours
  • RF-4C in Vietnam combat with 150 combat hours and later in Japan, served as Flight Commander and Instructor Pilot - 1150 hours
  • SR-71 Flown worldwide as an aircraft commander and later Instructor Pilot with over 60+ operational missions accruing 777 hours
  • T-38 Companion Trainer & Instructor  Pilot - 500+ hours
  • USAF Black World programmer in Pentagon involving programs such as F-117, B-2 Bomber, F-22, and others
  • F-4E Fighter Squadron Commander - 450+ hours Converted squadron into F-16 A/Bs
  • Wing commander in Europe at Ramstein AB, Germany during the Gulf War
  • U-2 flights as staff officer - 12+ hours
Operational experience: Command pilot/Instructor Pilot; SR-71 Global Reconnaissance; F-4E pilot Air-to-air and Air-to-ground missions; Moody AFB, GA,  Flight Commander/Instructor Pilot RF-4C Tactical Reconnaissance Vietnam, Thailand, Japan; Aircraft Commander C-141 Worldwide Airlift; Instructor Pilot T-38 Companion Trainer.

Broad Air Force major Command and Mission area Experience: Air Combat Command, Headquarters USAF Pentagon, U.S. Air Forces Europe 9USAFEO, Strategic Air Command, Tactical Air Command, pacific Air Forces, and Military Airlift Command.

Command PositionsVice Commander 2nd Air Force - BATTLE MANAGEMENT AIR FORCES, Beale AFB, California 15,000 people worldwide; Commander 777th Combat Support Wing Ramstein AB, Germany - 5,000 people supporting USAFE's largest base; Commander 70th Tactical Fighter Squadron, F-4E, F-16s Moody AFB, GA.

Staff Positions: Director of Programs for USAF Europe - Budget Builder/Fighter Beddowns/Treaty Compliance; HQ USAF Headquarters USAF Black World program manager F-117, B-2, F-22, etc. Strategic Program Manager B-52, B-1 Advanced Cruise Missile; Air Division Chief of Reconnaissance Plans - Future Korean Contingency/War Planning.

Major Program Management: Black World $6 billion + yearly budget; USAF Europe programs - multi-billion dollar budget; 63,000 people; plus major treaty negotiations/implementations.

Study Group member supporting Joint Warfare Center and USACOM.

Retired as Colonel after serving as the 2nd Air Force Vice Commander. 2nd AF was responsible for all the USAF Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance flying assets.

Joined Raytheon Corp., January 1995 as Director Program Development at E-Systems, Falls Church, VA January 1995 - April 1997. Was Director, E-Systems ISR Programs for Washington Operations, April 1997 - April 1998, and Director Airborne ISR Programs, Washington Office of Raytheon Systems Company, April 1998 - January 2001.

Vice-President - Business Development ComCept Division Washington Operations since February 2001, interfacing with Washington D.C. decision makers on programmatic issues for USAF/CENTCOM Network Centric Collaborative Targeting ACTD and other ISR pursuits.

Currently, Col. "Buz" Carpenter is  a Docent at the Udvar Hazy Center at the National Air & Space Museum at Dulles Airport.

(Text, Courtesy Roadrunners Internationale)
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Note: Col. "Buz" Carpenter, former SR-71 Instructor Pilot, has compiled this PowerPoint presentation to assist those Museum Docents (nationwide) that want the true facts about the SR-71. His goal was to provide accurate data so the Docents can inform the public and help eliminate rumors or facts that have been misrepresented. You can download the PowerPoint presentation to your computer. His project was aimed at the Museum Docents however, anyone wanting the correct facts on the famous Blackbirds can use this PowerPoint. Examples would be teachers or students wanting to complete a report or aviation researchers in the realm of Mach 3 flight. Please give Buz Carpenter credit if this PowerPoint is used for books or published periodicals. Email Buz Carpenter: , Download the 35 MB file: UHC SR-71 Powerpoint Presentation
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About Silver Wings Over Washington
Our Silver Wings Fraternity is comprised of a wonderful group of remarkable individuals who have pioneered, excelled and contributed to the world of aviation. We encourage members to bring friends, guests, and introduce young people to the noteworthy exploits and achievements of our distinguished members and speakers. In the past we have hosted prominent speakers who presented both contemporary and historical topics relating to aviation, space, and a variety of military accomplishments. For up to date information visit our web blog
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Agenda for Thursday, November 20th, 2014
2014 Silver Wings Speakers Events Serie
           East Gate: 1700 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, VA 22202
           West Gate: 2400 South 18th Street, Arlington, VA 22204
           Parking: Complimentary Parking
Area:   Fort Richardson Room
Cost:   $36.00, paid at the entrance
Date:   THURSDAY, November 20th, 2014
1100:   Doors Open, Networking Time
1150:   Pledge of Allegiance
1155:   Blessing
1200:   Lunch served
1255:   Introduction of our Speaker
1300:   Speaker: Col. "Buz" Carpenter, USAF (Ret.)
1345:   Questions from the Audience
1400:   Conclusion of the 2014 November Speakers Luncheon Serie

We need a firm count by Monday, 3pm, November 17, for the ANCC.  The ANCC charges for each walk-in an additional $4 per person, so save the ANCC fee and RSVP as soon as possible. Your membership dues ($25) may be remitted at the SWOWF Speakers Luncheon, or by snail mail to our Treasurer: Joan Stalk, 6103 Dominican Drive, Springfield, VA 22152.

RSVP: Ron David, e-mail: 
or with Joan Stalk, Treasurer, 703.451.4181,

We have been privileged to have had remarkable speakers address our Silver Wings Fraternity. The final 2014 Silver Wings Speakers Events Serie will be complemented by our dynamic and compelling speaker: Col. "Butz" Carpenter, USAF (Ret.). Butz will talk about "True Facts of the SR-71". You will be inspired by "Butz" a truly compelling and motivating speaker.  Join us on Thursday, November 20, 2014 

Very Respectfully,

Ron David
President, Silver Wings
skype: metopower

Cell:   202.907.3241