Saturday, October 31, 2009

World War Two Aircraft Visit Warrenton, Va. Airport

Two American Bombers that served during World War Two visited Warrenton Airport (W66) last week.

Once they numbered in the thousands, but today, only a handful of B-17 Flying Fortresses and B-24 Liberators still exist that can fly ... but fly they do. Their crews are made up of the sons and grandsons and daughters of the World War Two Veterans who originally manned these planes. And to see them in action, to hear their massive radial engines roar, can still excite those lucky enough to share the experience.

SWOW's David Fields persuaded the non-profit Collins Foundation to bring the two rare flying antiques to the Warrenton Airport West of Dulles to share the sights and sounds of yesteryear with scores of local residents who drove out to see the planes and meet at least two dozen WWII vets who actually crewed aboard these bombers in combat.

For a modest donation to the Foundation, visitors were permitted to take guided tours through the flying museum pieces. a few flights were also arranged ... for hefty donations.

Dave Fields knows how to stage an event, so when a good rain shut down operations at the Midland, VA airport twice, but no one seemed to mind, they just sat down for lunch in a heated hangar and listened to stories told by the vets. Jim Davis and Scotty Cameron were among the Silver Wingers who helped Fields with the event.