Thursday, September 24, 2009

Silver Wings Speakers Luncheon: Naval Historian Jan Herman, September 24th, 2010

You are cordially invited to attend our Silver Wings Speakers Luncheon on September 24th at the Army Navy Country Club near the Pentagon where we will preview one of the most recent programs in the DVD history series Battle Station Sick Bay: Navy Medicine in World War II.

The six part series tells the moving story of Navy medicine's life saving role in World War Two from the sneak attack on Pearl to the Japanese surrender in 1945. It was produced under the watchful eye of our guest speaker, Naval Historian Mr. Jan Herman and is the result of a quarter century of compilation and research.
Each of the six programs marries documentary footage and interviews with Navy doctors, nurses and corpsmen who participated in the action, with accounts told by the Marines and sailors who were on the receiving end of their care. As an example, "Guests of the Emperor" tells the story of the POWs who struggled to survive while in the hands of Japanese captors. Click below to watch a short clip.

Attend the luncheon and receive the DVD Set at no charge.
The best news is that each person who attends the luncheon on the 24th will receive the complete DVD series by mail as a gift from the United States Navy.

Program titles include:

Navy Medicine’s Trial by Fire: December 7, 1941
Guests of the Emperor
Navy Medicine at Normandy
Battle Station Sick Bay
Stepping Stones to Tokyo
Final Victory

Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy a great luncheon, share stories with old comrades, watch an incredible documentary, then have the six part series sent to your home as a gift from the Navy. (This is beginning to read like a TV ad, except that it's true!)