Monday, January 13, 2014

Our distinguished speaker Dr. Lin Wells, II will launch our 2014 Silver Wings Speakers Luncheon Serie on January 23rd!

Silver Wings Over Washington
Ron David, President; RADM. Whitey Feightner, USN (Ret.), Vice President; Joan Stalk, Treasurer; Ray Kester, CW04 USN (Ret.), Secretary
Board: MG Joe Anderson, USMC (Ret.); Col. Randy Brandt, USAF (Ret.); Col. E.P. Deatrick USAF (Ret.); Steve Craven; Debbie Gallaway; Pete King; Capt. Bud Orr, USN (Ret.); Capt. Zip Rausa, USN (Ret.); Col. Charles Stallworth USAF (Ret.)

Our mission is to provide an educational foundation that inspires, advocates, and fosters a venue for learning through aviation for the younger generation; a forum for networking among members and colleagues with outstanding speakers and camaraderie across the board. "What's Past is Prologue"

The 2014 Silver Wings Speakers Luncheon Serie 
is scheduled for THURSDAY, JANUARY 23, 2014 
at the stately Army Navy Country Club

Our distinguished speaker: Dr. Linton Wells, II
will address our membership and guests

Topic: UAS - Unmanned Aerial Systems

Current issues in policy, testing and operations

Dr. Linton Wells, II
In twenty-six years of naval service, Dr. Wells served in a variety of surface ships, including command of a destroyer squadron and guided missile destroyer. In addition, he acquired a wide range of experience in operations analysis; Pacific, Indian Ocean and Middle East affairs; and C3I. Recently he has been focusing onSTAR-TIDES, a research project emphasizing affordable, sustainable support to populations under stress, on technological innovation and on public-private cooperation. In 2013 he completed 50 consecutive years of service with the Department of Defense.
Dr. Wells was born in Luanda, Angola, in 1946. He was graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1967 and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and oceanography. He attended graduate school at The Johns Hopkins University, receiving a Master of Science in Engineering degree in mathematical sciences and a PhD in international relations. He is also a 1983 graduate of theJapanese National Institute for Defense Studies in Tokyo, the first U.S. naval officer to attend there.
Dr. Wells has written widely on security studies in English and Japanese journals. He co-authored Japanese Cruisers of the Pacific War, which was published in 1997 and Strategic Shift, published in 2013 and co-edited a series of books on international transformation and leader development. His hobbies include history, the relationship between policy and technology, and scuba diving. He received the Woodrow Wilson Award for Distinguished Government Service from the Johns Hopkins University and has thrice been awarded the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service.

DoD Distinguished Public Service Award.png
DoD Medal for Distinguished Public Service      
"To be eligible for consideration the individual must have rendered exceptionally distinguished service of significance to the Department of Defense as a whole. Recognition may also be given for distinguished service of such exceptional significance to a Department of Defense Component or Function that recognition at the Component level would be insufficient. The service or assistance may have been rendered at considerable personal sacrifice and inconvenience and should be motivated by patriotism, good citizenship, and a sense of public responsibility."


Want to know more about CTNSPAt CTNSP, we take on topics that bridge the gap between technical and policy-making communities, supporting the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Services, and Congress. I welcome and invite you to explore our publications, news, and upcoming events.
-Dr. Linton Wells, II, Director
The Silver Wings Fraternity is comprised of a wonderful group of remarkable individuals who have pioneered, excelled and contributed to the world of aviation. We encourage members to bring friends, guests, and introduce young people to the noteworthy exploits and achievements of our distinguished members and speakers. In the past we have hosted prominent speakers who presented both contemporary and historical topics relating to aviation, space, and a variety of military accomplishments. For up to date information visit our web blog
Agenda for THURSDAY, JANUARY 23rd, 2014
Silver Wings Speakers Luncheon     

            East Gate: 1700 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, VA 22202
            West Gate: 2400 South 18th Street, Arlington, VA 22204
            Parking: Complimentary Parking
Area:   Fort Richardson Room
Cost:   $33.00, paid at the entrance
Date:   THURSDAY, JANUARY 23rd, 2014
1100:   Doors Open, Networking Time
1150:   Pledge of Allegiance
1155:   Blessings
1200:  Dining served: 1st course, 2nd course with gourmet entree, for the 3rd course a delicious dessert
1255:   Introduction of our Speaker
1300:   Speaker: Dr. Linton Wells, II
1345:   Questions from the Audience
1400:   Conclusion of the January Speakers Luncheon 

We need a firm count by Monday Noon, January 20th, for the ANCC.  The ANCC charges for each walk-in an additional $4 per person, so save the ANCC fee and RSVP as soon as possible. Your membership dues ($25) may be remitted at the Speakers Luncheon, or by snail mail to our Treasurer: Joan Stalk, 6103 Dominican Drive, Springfield, VA 22152. 

RSVP with: Ron David, 202.333.8707, or e-mail:
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                   Joan Stalk, Treasurer, 703.451.4181, or e-mail:

Please post on your calendar the following 2014 Speakers Luncheon Serie events at the ANCC:

January 23rd; March 26th; May 22nd; July 24th; September 25th; and November 20th, 2014

I am looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, January 23rd, and let's have a great turn out for this remarkable guest speaker: Dr. Linton Wells!


Ron David
President, Silver Wings
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