Thursday, March 20, 2014

Join us in welcoming a truly outstanding leader: Vice Admiral Robert F. Dunn, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Dear Members and Colleagues,

Our Silver Wings Speakers event has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 26th.

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Vice Admiral Robert F. Dunn
Silver Wings Over Washington
Ron David, President; RADM. Whitey Feightner, USN (Ret.), Vice President; Joan Stalk, Treasurer; Ray Kester, CW04 USN (Ret.), Secretary
Board: MG Joe Anderson, USMC (Ret.); Col. Randy Brandt, USAF (Ret.); Col. E.P. Deatrick USAF (Ret.); Steve Craven; Debbie Gallaway; Pete King; Capt. Bud Orr, USN (Ret.); Capt. Zip Rausa, USN (Ret.); Col. Charles Stallworth USAF (Ret.)

Our mission is to provide an educational foundation that inspires, advocates, and fosters a venue for learning through aviation for the younger generation; a forum for networking among members and colleagues with outstanding speakers and camaraderie across the board. "What's Past is Prologue"

The 2014 Silver Wings Speakers Luncheon Serie 
is scheduled for WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26th, 2014 
                                                     Our distinguished keynote speaker

                                                              Robert Francis Dunn

                                                   Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy (Retired)

will address our membership and guests
Title:  "A Remarkable Story - Naval Aviation Safety, 1950-2000."


Navy Distinguished Service Medal and one Gold Star, Silver Star  and One Gold Star, The Legion of Merit and Four Gold Stars, The Distinguished Flying Cross and One Gold Star

Vice Admiral Dunn left active service as the top naval aviator, responsible for establishing materiel requirements and setting policies for the training, operations, management and personnel throughout the navy’s aviation establishment.  He currently serves as a member of the board of UT-Services, a research and development company.  In the past he studied as a Ramsey Fellow at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum and served as the chairman and president of the Association of Naval Aviation.  He also served on several aerospace company boards, as Chair of GSA’s Aviation Policy Management Board in a review of safety as pertains to non-DOD government aircraft, as Deputy Chairman of the NASA Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel and president of the National Consortium for Aviation Mobility (NCAM).  NCAM was the private partner in a public/private partnership with NASA aimed at development of technologies which would enhance small aircraft transportation.  The culmination of that partnership was a large, successful, publicly acclaimed, demonstration of those technologies at Danville, Virginia, in 2005.  In addition he is past president of the Naval Historical Foundation.  
During his navy career Vice Admiral Dunn commanded a large number of organizations with extensive time airborne including combat in Vietnam.  Most of his flying was in carrier based jet attack and fighter aircraft but he is also a designated helicopter pilot and has flown single and multiengine props and turboprops and sailplanes.  He has commanded a carrier squadron, a carrier air wing, a large amphibious ship, the aircraft carrier Saratoga and a carrier battle group.  
Later in his Navy career he commanded all Naval Air Forces of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet preceded by command of the worldwide forces of the Naval Reserve and before that the Naval Military Personnel Command:  in charge of personnel management and assignment of all uniformed navy people.
Vice Admiral Dunn has written extensively in professional journals and is presently awaiting publication of a book written as a result of his efforts as a Ramsey Fellow, “A Revolution in Naval Aviation, Naval Aviation Safety, 1950-2000.” In addition VADM Dunn has been a commentator on various news programs and has been called upon to testify before Congress as an active officer, in his retired capacity and as a NASA safety panel member.  
Among his proudest Navy achievements are the accumulation of 936 carrier landings including ten in the F/A-18C Hornet on his 60th birthday.  He also deck landing qualified aboard a destroyer in both the SH-2 Seasprite and the SH-60 and is therefore an “Unrestricted” Naval Aviator.
Vice Admiral Dunn is a native of Chicago, married to the former Claire Snyder Leaver.  They have four grown children.
Academic Profile: B.S. (Engineering)  U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD; M.S. (Management)  U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA; Aviation Safety Course, University of Southern California; United Kingdom Joint Services Staff College; Harvard University, Kennedy School Course for Senior Executives
The Silver Wings Fraternity is comprised of a wonderful group of remarkable individuals who have pioneered, excelled and contributed to the world of aviation. We encourage members to bring friends, guests, and introduce young people to the noteworthy exploits and achievements of our distinguished members and speakers. In the past we have hosted prominent speakers who presented both contemporary and historical topics relating to aviation, space, and a variety of military accomplishments. For up to date information visit our web blog
Agenda for Wednesda, March 26th, 2014
Silver Wings Speakers Luncheon     

            East Gate: 1700 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, VA 22202
            West Gate: 2400 South 18th Street, Arlington, VA 22204
            Parking: Complimentary Parking
Area:   Fort Richardson Room
Cost:   $33.00, paid at the entrance
Date:   WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26th, 2014
1100:   Doors Open, Networking Time
1150:   Pledge of Allegiance
1155:   Blessings, Tom McMahon
1200:   Lunch served
1255:   Introduction of our Speaker
1300:   SpeakerVADM Robert Dunn
1345:   Questions from the Audience
1400:   Conclusion of the March Speakers Luncheon 

We need a firm count by Monday Noon, March 24for the ANCC.  The ANCC charges for each walk-in an additional $4 per person, so save the ANCC fee and RSVP as soon as possible. Your membership dues ($25) may be remitted at the SWOWF Speakers Luncheon, or by snail mail to our Treasurer: Joan Stalk, 6103 Dominican Drive, Springfield, VA 22152. 

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Please post on your calendar the following 2014 Speakers Luncheon Serie events at the ANCC:

January 23rd; March 26thMay 22nd; July 24th; September 25th; and November 20th, 2014

I am looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, MARCH 26, 2014 and let's have a great turn out for this remarkable keynote speaker: VADM Robert Dunn, USN (Ret.).


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